Monoblock R "Platinum Edition"

The forged Monoblock R five-double-spoke alloy wheels impress with a distinctive anthracite "Titanium" matte fully polished finish. The delicate and recessed spoke elements add expressive highlights and underscore the unusual design. The integrated undercut saves weight and emphasizes the classy appearance.

Like all BRABUS wheels, manufactured with outstanding precision in the highest quality (OEM standard), fitted with BRABUS signet and milled "Geschmiedet" ("Forged") seal.

BRABUS alloy wheels are ready for use with the original Mercedes-Benz tire-pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). Vehicles with active TPMS system require the appropriate tire sensors (part number RDK-2016).

Tires Sizes Monoblock R 20":

  • 9.0 x 20 ET 45, tire size: 255/35 R 20 (VA)

  • 10.5 x 20 ET 45, tire size: 285/30 R 20 (HA)

Tires Sizes Monoblock R 21":

  • 9.0 x 21 ET 45, tire size: 255/35 R 21 (VA)

  • 10.5 x 21 ET 45, tire size: 295/30 R 21 (HA)

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